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Wonder Brush - Mega Pin Slicker Brush

Wonder Brush - Mega Pin Slicker Brush
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Wonder Brush - Mega Pin Slicker Brush
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Disclaimer: This is layman’s description intended for product information only. NZ Show Dogs accept no responsibility or liability associated with this product, description, tips or use and advises you to seek professional advice.

The Wonder Brush is a mega pin slicker brush made with long steel pins, this brush is perfect for use when drying dogs or on big dense coats. Let this brush do the work for you! 

The long and densely packed steel pins are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel with a unique curved design at a 120 ° angle

The high-quality ABS material, non-slip handle, has a comfortable grip and greatly reduces the pressure and fatigue of the hand and wrist, making brushing more smooth and convenient

Suitable for long thick hair, medium and large dog breeds !

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