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His & Hers Buckle Free Collar Set

His & Hers Buckle Free Collar Set
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His & Hers Buckle Free Collar Set
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Product Features

Disclaimer: This is layman’s description intended for product information only. NZ Show Dogs accept no responsibility or liability associated with this product, description, tips or use and advises you to seek professional advice.
  • 1 Blue & White Twist 49cm
  • 1 Pink & White Twist 47cm
  • Style: Slip Collar

His & Hers Buckle Free Collar Set.The Token slip collar minimizing coat break. Ideal choke collar for for use with long lines etc.   Designed to be robust for everyday use but gentle on the coat of your show dogs, it lies loose on the neck perfect for show dogs,. Collars soften and stretch a little after first use.

Finished Length: any size - as these are hand made the size is approx

Finished Diameter: 7mm (approx.)
Rings are 20mm Silver made from Nickel or Zinc Alloy metal

Team discount is available on this item when buying 2 or more armbands.

NB This is a hand made item which may have some imperfections, these are actual product photos, the colour may differ slightly due to individual computer settings.


The photos are just some of the leads we've made for clients

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