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Whelping Cloth's Basic 300gsm 4pk

Whelping Cloth's Basic 300gsm 4pk
Whelping Cloth's Basic 300gsm 4pk
Whelping Cloth's Basic 300gsm 4pk
Whelping Cloth's Basic 300gsm 4pk
Whelping Cloth's Basic 300gsm 4pk
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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Material:300sg Microfibre
  • Qty Per Pack:4 pieces
  • Model: stdm-wcb300
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A general use microfibre whelping cloth handy for drying new-born puppies and kittens. Cleaning up those little messes during whelping. An environmentally friendly option, and will last you litter after litter.

Whelping cloths are a useful aid in delivering a breach puppy.

  • Pack Qty: 4
  • Colours Included: Blue x1 Green x1 Orange x1 & Yellow x1
  • Material: 300gsm microfibre 
  • Size: 30*40cm
  • Machine washable
  • Multi Pack Discounts

Handy Tip

Stud Master stocks a selection microfibre whelping cloths:  General 300gsm, Super 400gsm & Deluxe 600gsm - Editors Pick for new-born puppy drying cloths based on quality and price is the 400gsm microfibre cloth

Microfibre clothes come in a big variety. A general guide is the higher the GSM the finer the fibre, resulting in a thicker, plusher, and softer the cloth. A standard cloth is 200-300gsm and suitable for general use. Cloths in the 550-700 GSM range are super plush and soft.  Be wary of cloths under 250gms or that don't give you any indication of the gsm, its been our experience that these are often so thin you can see through them and have little or no absorbency, and therefore not suitable as litter whelping cloths. 

Whelping Due Date Calculator

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Enter the mating date and the estimated whelping due date will be calculated, based on the standard 63 day gestation period

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If you're interested in canine fetal develop check out our Dog Breeding Information for our gestational development diary.

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