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Stud Master

Stud Master

New Zealand's  popular choice for breeding and whelping supplies. Dog breeding, whelping, rearing and diy reproduction products for breeders, animal rescues and shelters.

A "stud master" (regardless of gender) is responsible for the planning, management, and care of breeding animals. 

Gone are the days where "landed gentry" employed stud masters to manage their breeding programme and kennel or stable operations. But the role of a stud master is still relevant and necessary within the modern dog world, where dog owners and breeders are in fact their own stud masters by definition and it's your most important role!

To help you achieve your own breeding plans of producing the next champion in your kennels, are our selection of practical dog breeding and whelping supplies.

When breeding and whelping puppies it is particularly important to be prepared, so keep your Breeding and Whelping Kit restocked at NZ Show Dogs. Breeding, whelping, litter rearing and reproduction supplies for dog breeders, and animal rescues.

For a variety of reasons not all dog mating's occur naturally, this doesn't need to interfere with your breeding plans. Its a simple procedure for a stud master to do an AI's so don't get caught out next time the stud dog simply cannot undertake a natural mating, keep your own DIY AI kit on hand for those crucial times.

Stud Master offers a number of informative, thought provoking and discussion topic articles about dog breeding under the blog section.

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