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Show Grooming Stackers

Show Grooming Stackers
Show Grooming Stackers
Show Grooming Stackers
Covid Delays
Show Grooming Stackers
Show Grooming Stackers
Show Grooming Stackers
Show Grooming Stackers
Due to Covid Please Note
Renstac currently has limited access to material supplies please and is unable to make stackers. Please leave us a message so we can let you know when there are back in stock.
Apologies for the inconvenience, and thanks for you patience.
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Need to get the perfect stack..... Show Grooming Stackers will help you achieve that with the minimum of fuss

Designed for duel purpose the Renstac is not only a show stacking training tool but more increasingly being used by groomers & handlers of long coated show dogs enabling clean tidy scissoring.


Placed on the dog show stacker the breeder to gets assess the conformation of a puppy well before they are ready to stand in a reliable show stack on their own. 

For show dog grooming the stackers make scissoring much easier to get cut lines right by elevate the dog from the table enabling the groomer to have better sight and accessibility while scissoring.

Sizes are measured at maximum extension to the centre of each foot stand, (all stackers reduce to a minimum of 4") so if you have multiple breeds you are best to choose the larger size required as this will also accommodate your smaller breed.

Made to Order Sizes:

  • Xtra Small: (max extension 16")
  • Small: (max extension 20")
  • Medium: (max extension 24")
  • Large: (max extension 30")
  • Xtra Large: (max extension 40")

If you require a custom size please contact us.

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