Great autmns coloured lyrca everyday or show snood, with elastic casing at head and neck to kept it in position, they are the easiest way to keep your show dog's ear clean and tidy, stop ear chewing and reduce grooming time. 

Traditonally made for breeds with long ears snood keep the ears clean while eating, especially if feeding a raw diet, or dog bones.

It is available in:

  • 25cm Small is for a small dogs, such as Cavalier, Poodle, ....
  • 30cm Medium is the right size for Cocker
  • 3cm Large is great for springer and setter breeds
Adjustable Elastic Casing - choose this type of snood finish if you want to adjust the elsatic tension

check out the Sassy Snood range to add a little glamour to your show day, they're even back into fashion for people although more recently called buffs... thanks for the reality TV show "survivor" While we don't make them for people we do have a good range for you to choose from for your show dogs.

Made by Sassy Snoods and available at NZSHowDogs

Snood Size Where to measure your dog? The snood fits over the head and neck. The head elastic sits just in front of the dogs ears, at the back of the skull and the neck end should sit about ¾ down the neck or about where a standard flat collar would – depending on the snood type and purpose. Make sure it’s not too tight. It should fit snugly without causing any pressure on your dog's head or neck. Never use a snood smaller than your dog’s head - it will be too tight and cause discomfort to your dog 5 Sizes Based On Head Circumference taken just front of the ears (these are approx) Xtra Small: 20cm (8”) un-stretched elastic e.g. toy breeds, Maltese, Miniature Dachshund, Lhasa Apso, Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier Small: 25cm (10”) un-stretched elastic e.g. Cavaliers King Charles, Mini Poodles, Shih Tzu Medium: 30cm (12”) un-stretched elastic e.g American Cocker, Beagle, English Cocker Spaniel, Gordon Setter (puppy)* Large: 35cm (14”) un-stretched elastic e.g. Afghan Hounds, Basset Hounds*, Briard, English Setter*, Gordon Setter*, Irish Setter, Irish Water Spaniel, Welsh Springer Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel, Standard Poodle Xtra Large: 40cm (16”) un-stretched elastic e.g. Basset Hounds*, Bracco Italiano English Setter*, Golden Retriever, Gordon Setter*, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Saint Bernard, Examples are based on past orders and are for your information only – please measure your dog. * = more than one size has been ordered for this breed
Wearing A Snood While most show dog's start wearing snoods from a young age pet often need a little encouragement to keep it on. Simply scrunch the snood up in your hands and place over your dog’s head, tucking the ears in. The head elastic sits just in front of the ears, at the back of the skull and the neck elastic should sit about where a standard flat collar would go. Make sure it’s not too tight. It should fit snugly without causing any pressure on your dog's head or neck. Or if they need a little more encouragement to keep the snood on , the easiest way to get your dog used to wearing a snood is to offer positive reward. Dogs are smart, it won't take long to work out they get rewards for doing nothing. With a treat in your hand, put the snood on your arm, as your dog takes the treat move the snood onto his head and reward again or place his dinner in front of him. It won’t take long before you can slip the snood on right before meals without any fuss as they associate the snood with dinner time. And of course no more food stuck in his ears, means less grooming for you.

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Autumn Lycra Show Dog Snood

  • Brand: Sassy Snoods
  • Model: ss-autumn
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $10.00

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