We are sisters who enjoy sewing and dogs ! so we've combined the 2 and make practical items for show dogs. We're usually busy with our dogs, families and other things for all the fluffing around so we leave that to NZShowDogs and it depends on the time of year as to which sister has time to sew and what they make, we each have our own favourites so stock is often changing ! 

"Sisters" products are managed by NZ Show Dogs includes their a range of Snoods, Armbands, Pee Vests & Leggings

Hawaii Blues Dog Snood
Ozzie Star Dog Snood
Mango Show Dog Snood
Workmans Tartan Dog Snood
Unicorns & Rainbows Dog Snood
Enjoy the Ballet Snood
Black Armbands
Toolman Satin Dog Snood
Safari Satin Show Dog Snood
Lollipop Satin Show Dog Snood
Kimono Satin Dog Snood
Fresh as a Daisy Dog Snood
Flintstones Show Dog Snood
Silver Pocket Style Armband
Touch of Gold Armband
Zig & Zag Armband
Black Sequin Armband
Bait Bags

Bait Bags


*Daisy Show Dog Armband*

*Daisy Show Dog Armband*

$10.00 $17.50

Yellow Exhibitors Armband
Silver Leaf Trim Armand
Children Size Black Armbands
Super Star Children's Armband
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