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Micro Centrifuge Vials 3 Pack

Micro Centrifuge Vials 3 Pack
Micro Centrifuge Vials 3 Pack
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This Centrifuge Vile scent work hide is micro size. The 0.2ml is just big enough to hold the end of a Cotton-Tip, and the 0.5ml option can hold a cigarette filter perfectly. Being made of clear plastic they easily camouflage into their surroundings, making it harder for the handler to spot before the dog can sniff out the hide. 

Add a few to your scent kit today! - Just snip off the plastic tip, or drill a small hole in the lid and away you go

Pack Size: 3 Per Pack 

Size: 0.5ml - 3 x 1cm (Cigarette filter size)

0.2ml - 2 x 1cm (Cotton-tip end size)

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