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Multi Puppy Milk Feeding Station - 200ml Clearance Stock

Multi Puppy Milk Feeding  Station - 200ml Clearance Stock
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Multi Puppy Milk Feeding Station - 200ml Clearance Stock
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Disclaimer: This is layman’s description intended for product information only. NZ Show Dogs accept no responsibility or liability associated with this product, description, tips or use and advises you to seek professional advice.

Discontinued Clearance Stock Available We trialled 3 different multi feeder bowls and choose to continue with the other 2 brands so this product at a discounted price to clear stock.

Safety material: Food-grade silicone material, which meets the safety standards for use, is more environmentally friendly and healthier.

Easy to clean: can be cleaned and reused.

Breast imitation: The product is designed with 3 pacifiers, suitable for multiple pet babies, and it is easy to find the feelings of mothers.

Good flexibility: It is flexible, resistant to bite, high temperature, high pressure, and not easy to deform.

Material: Food Grade Silicone

Capacity: 200ml

Colour: Natural

Nipple Teats: 3

Size: 5.4 x10.5 x 5cm

Milk bowls imitate a similar concept to the way farmers having been raising orphans lambs and calves for years, using the best of silicone technology and specifically for the domestic pets. These multi milk feeding stations will revolutionise how dog breeders care for new born puppies. Feed up to four at a time with the multi puppy, kitten nursing station. A more natural way, as puppies suckle directly from the nipple teats and easier on the breeder than having to bottle feed new-borns, now available in New Zealand.

These milk bowls come with a lid that when used can slow the milk flow, helping to prevent the pups or kittens drinking to fast and swallowing air at the same time. 

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