In order to be better at anything, you simply need to raise your standards … Panagenics can helped you do just that. With Panagenics your dog’s coat will be healthier than ever giving you the "stand out appeal" that gets you noticed.

Bathing and drying time are drastically reduced and coat look and feel better for longer periods. There is no more need for a cupboard full of sprays, mousse & other products. The Panagenics system is simply a shampoo, condition and grooming spray designed to improve the health of your dogs the coat from the inside out.

Try it and see the impact that that Panagenics is making on show dogs world wide.

Order Panagenics online at NZShowDogs from Sonia Nicholson Sole NZ Agent

Panagenics™ is a totally new process for washing and conditioning your dog. It's more economical in time and money, the only way to know is to try it for yourself. Using Panagenics bath day will be  less than half your previous time. As the leave in conditioner as done during the week, so now bath day is simply a matter of rinsing out the shampoo !

Work smarter not harder ... too many people work too hard to make their dogs look perfect and feel they are missing something. groom your dog faster, make your dog look better Panagenics will.

Condition the skin and coat
Reduce remove and help prevent stains
Making whites whiter
Enhance colours
Reduce costs
Half the bathing time

Panagenics™ video tutorial: How To Use Leave in Conditioner, Shampoo and Hydration Spray.
Eric Salas explains in detail what they are and how to properly use Panagenics ... its like nothing nothing you've seen before.

Panagenics is supplied to direct from Sonia Nicholson. and only delivered to a New Zealand address.


Panagenics™ Triple set
Kenchii Stripping Stone
Kenchii 3 way comb
Kenchii 8.0" Curved Scissors
Kenchii 8.0" Straight Scissor
Kenchii 5.5" Straight Scissor
Panagenics™ Conditioner
Panagenics™ Shampoo
Promixed Boar/Nylon Brush
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