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Work smarter not harder with Panagenics, the easiest  way to wash your dog. It's more economical in time and money, the only way to know is to try it for yourself. Using Panagenics, bath day will be  less than half your previous time. The leave in conditioner is done during the week, so now bath day is simply a matter of rinsing out the shampoo ! Most people work too hard to make their show dogs look perfect and still feel they are missing something. 

Panagenics™ is a totally new process for washing and conditioning your dog with Panagenics try it today !
Work smarter not harder ... too many people work too hard to make their dogs look perfect and feel they are missing something. groom your dog faster, make your dog look better Panagenics will.
  • Condition the skin and coat
  • Reduce remove and help prevent stains
  • Making whites whiter
  • Enhance colours
  • Reduce costs
  • Half the bathing time

Panagenics ... its like nothing nothing you've seen before.

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