5 Pack Puppy feeding tubes for oral supplementation.

Puppy Feeding Tubes Sizes (approx) :

  • 8Fr Diameter: 3mm, Length: 30cm
  • 6Fr Diameter: 2mm Length: 13.5cm

Made from soft silicone these feeding tubes relatively non-invasive and lower the risk of internal injury than pvc.  There are easy to use, disassemble and clean.

It's advised to use a different tube for each puppy you are feeding

When a newborn puppies gastrointestinal (GI) tract is functioning but they are unable to get the required nutritional needs gavage (tube feeding) is an option that many dog breeders use. The feeding tube is generally inserted through the mouth and passed down the throat and finally into the stomach. We advise that you always double check the process before feeding by using a PH strip so you can check tube placement.  Once the tubes in place draw up a small amount of fluid from the tube with a syringe. Test the fluid with pH paper to determine the acidity of the fluid.

*** Please ask your veterinarian for advice and guidance, while this is a simple procedure, it's vital that you learn to do it right and your vet is the best person to teach you. Next time you'ré at the vets ask them to go through the procedure with you, so if you ever need to gavage, you'll know just what to do.

Handy Tip

Feeding Tube Sizes are based on the outer diameter of the gavage tube and is measured in French units (1 Fr = 0.333mm)  

8 Fr = 2.66666666667 mm

6 Fr = 2mm

Syringes can be added to this order or check here for more Syringes and including slip & luer lock types

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Feeding Tubes for Puppies 5pk

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