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Microwave Heat Pad

Microwave Heat Pad
Microwave Heat Pad
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Pet microwave heating pads are quick and safe. With no wires or scalding water, they are a perfect for using in your whelping box with your litter of new born puppies. Ideal for keeping new-born puppies warm while mum is still busy whelping.

  • Approx 21cm
  • Lasts for up to 10 hours
  • Heat in minutes in a microwave
  • Bite and scratch resistant
  • Paws Design Fleece Cover x2
  • High Density PE Protection Shell
  • Non-Toxic Thermal Gel inside
  • Can be used inside or outside

This is a no-brand product just like the snuggle safe heating pad which provides safe, instant, long-lasting wireless soothing warmth for your pets.

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