There are perfect for small - medium breeds. If you find the Velcro ID bands to big for your breed these paracord collars are ideal.

Identify your baby puppies with colorful lightweight para-cord whelping collars that grows with your puppies. A soft ID collar that's perfect for new born puppies.

Newborn Puppy ID Collars:​

  • Adjustable Puppy ID Collars 
  • Easy fit and adjustable as puppies grow.
  • Soft,  and narrow for those tiny necks
  • Washable and reusable for future litters

Some breeds that have fine necks may be between sizings and will require 2 sets to cover from birth to 8 weeks

Pay for 5 and get a pack of 6 or pay for 10 and get 12 different coloured collars in a set. Colours are random and dependent upon what we currently have in stock 
Be sure to leave room for under the collar, so its not to tight and check the fit daily, simply adjust as the puppy grows.



handmade item at NZSDNB Sometimes when heat sealing the ends we get a bit close and occasionally a collar will come undone, so while your are paying for 5 collars the 6th one is free of charge just in case, as it's not obvious until they are used.

This is a hand made item and as such may have some minor imperfections.  These are actual product photos, but the colour may be slightly due to individual computer settings.

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Paracord Whelping Collars - Magic Puppy ID Bands

  • $5.00

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