Help your dog keep his cool on the way to best in show with a Kiwi Cool Coat this summer, its the perfect solution to the effects of stress and intense heat on your dogs. Dog cooling coats work ! they are an amplified evaporation cooling system for your dog, and the resulting temperature drop can make a significant difference.

Kiwi Cool Coats are handmade in NZ bound in black with a silver koru pattern, with soft elastic and clip fastenings to protect your show dogs coat. Supplied with its own storage pouch. You can order from our standard size range or have one made to your size requirements.

  • Sizes are approx when wet, the material does shrink the drier it gets.
  • Please read the specification for information about using and caring for your Kiwi Cooling Dog Coat

Chamois unique features make it perfect for keeping your show dogs cool through the evaporation process. Cooling coats for dogs help prevent overheating,  heat stress or stroke, by reducing body temperature and alleviating heat stress symptoms using a controlled evaporation process to cool your dog. The Kiwi Dog Cool Coat is made from quality chamois, a high-tech, synthetic material made from PVA & starch with an internal reinforced cotton mesh increasing its durability for long term use. Each piece of chamois has its own characteristics, such as colour shading and occasionally tiny air voids occur and while we can't eliminate the cosmetic effect they do not effect the use of the cool coat. 

Its not recommended to freeze your cooling dog coats as it can inhabited the evaporartive process, cause temperature shock and weaken the coat materials. Likewise covering the evaporative material slows down the process reducing the cooling effect.

"Team Discount" when ordering more than 3 coats get 5% discount order 5 coats and get 10% discount. We also offer a club rate for those wanting these as a fundraiser or show prizes, just contact us

NB This is a hand made item and as such may have some imperfections, and even though we have taken actual product photos. the colour may be slightly different from the colour which is shown due to individual computer settings.

To determined the size of Kiwi Cool Coat for your dog please measure your dog from wither to based of tail

The coat should cover most of the back and down onto the ribs to have the best effect in cooling your show dog. As the Kiwi Cool Coats works to cool your dog through the evaporation process there is no need to cover your dog from head to toe. The coat side length is in ratio to the length of back. But you can also order coats with additional side length, to cater for those that are tall in leg/depth of body but short in the back. These are custom made to order and incur an additional cost.

The following are an approx size guide to give you an idea:

  • 30cm        Fox Terrier
  • 35cm        Havanese
  • 40cm        Cavalier 
  • 45cm        Cocker Spaniel
  • 50cm        Cocker Spaniel 
  • 55cm        English Springer Spaniel, Welsh Springer Spaniel
  • 60cm        Doberman, Flat Coat Retriever, Golden Retriever
  •  75cm       Bernese Mountain Dog

Kiwi Cool Coats
Materials The Kiwi Dog Cool Coat is made from 2mm quality chamois, a high-tech, synthetic material made from PVA & starch with an internal reinforced cotton mesh increasing its durability for long term use. Its unique features make it perfect for keeping your show dogs cool. As a non woven material the fabric may contain minor imperfections however these should not effect the use of your coat.
  • Unprecedented absorbency, absorbs approx. 50% more water than natural chamois
  • Stays cool without making your dog wet
  • Activates quickly and easily simply by submerging in water.
  • Remains hydrated for up 3 hours optimum cooling
  • Resists mould and mildew • Has almost no abrasive properties, and is lint free
  • Non Toxic & Eco friendly • Reusable • Machine Washable
Product Use
  1. Before use, rinse your Kiwi Cool Coat thoroughly in luke warm or cold water, allowing it to become fully saturated.
  2. Wring our excess and store in its pouch ready for use.
  3. Chamois will harden as it dries - do not fold when dry as this will weaken the fabric.
  • Don't refrigerate your dog cooling coats, or cover the material with another fabric, this could in fact inhibit the evaporation process, therefore reducing the Kiwi Cool Coats effectiveness
Washing Instructions
  1. Machine washable in cold/warm water
  2. Fasten clips before washing
  3. Do not use fabric softener
  4. Do not tumble dry.

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Dog Cool Coat

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