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Cool Coats for Dogs of All Sizes

Cool Coats for Dogs of All Sizes
Cool Coats for Dogs of All Sizes
Cool Coats for Dogs of All Sizes
Cool Coats for Dogs of All Sizes
Cool Coats for Dogs of All Sizes
Cool Coats for Dogs of All Sizes
Cool Coats for Dogs of All Sizes
Cool Coats for Dogs of All Sizes
Cool Coats for Dogs of All Sizes
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Whether you travel with your dog, hike, do agility, rally-o, attend dog shows, or just hang out in the back yard, it's important to make sure your dog does not get overheated. Dogs don't sweat - they pant and release heat through their paw pads and nose. A dog cool coat is just the thing to keep the heat down.

Help your dog keep his cool on the way to best in show with a Kiwi Cool Coat this summer. Dog cooling coats work! They are a natural evaporation cooling system for your dog (working on the same principle as an air conditioner) the resulting temperature drop can make a significant difference. Cooling coats are the perfect solution to the effects of stress and intense heat on your dogs. 

Kiwi Cool Coats are handmade in NZ bound in black with a silver koru pattern, soft elastic and clip fastenings to protect your show dogs coat. Coats do not need to be an exact fit to have a cooling effect, if your between sizes it probably better to have the coat a few cm short than have it hanging down over the tail, order from our standard size range.  

  • Measure your dog from the wither to the base of the tail.
  • Sizes are approx when wet (minimal shrinkage when dry) 
  • Size 50cm or less  come supplied with its own storage pouch
  • 55cm and above come in a zip lock bag
  • Coats Made to Order take approx 2 weeks.
  • We are not currently making custom coats, please choose from our standard size range.

    Colours: The latest batch of chamois has a slightly different colour shade, due to a change in supplier. All coats made to order will be in the new shades.  Previous shades will be available as ready made cool coats from the "in stock option" while available.

    Chamois unique features make it perfect for keeping your dogs cool through the evaporation process. Cooling coats for dogs help prevent overheating,  heat stress or stroke, by reducing body temperature and alleviating heat stress symptoms using a controlled evaporation process to cool your dog. The Kiwi Dog Cool Coat is made from quality chamois, a high-tech, synthetic material made from PVA & starch with an internal reinforced cotton mesh increasing its durability for long term use. Each piece of chamois has its own characteristics, such as colour shading and occasionally tiny air voids occur but do not affect the use of the cool coat.

    Handy Tips: 

      • A fan blowing over the coat increases the cooling power dramatically, but monitor your dog so they don't get too cool.
      • Don't Freeze your cooling dog coats this can cause temperature shock to your dog, inhabit the evaporative process and weaken the coat materials.
      • Don't Cover the evaporative material with any other fabric as this actually slows the evaporative process reducing the cooling effect. (It can trap the warm air between the layers - which could raise your dog’s temperature) 

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