A pretty sunrise coloured satin dog snood for those early mornings at the dogs show. Ideal for keeping show dog ears in top condition and keeping ears dry and free from saliva, food and from getting wet! available in satin, lycra and cotton type for show and everyday use. Snoods are an essential part of your show dog kit, and the easiest way to keep your show dog's ear clean and tidy, stop ear chewing and reduce grooming time. 

  • Fabric: Satin
  • Finish:  Elastic Casing - adjustable

Made by Sassy Snoods and available at NZSHowDogs

Snood Size

Where to measure your dog;

The snood fits over the head and neck. The head elastic sits just in front of the dogs ears, at the back of the skull and the neck elastic should sit about where a standard flat collar would go.  Make sure it’s not too tight. We suggest you add 2cm to your measurements to ensure it won't be too tight around your dogs head. It should fit snugly without causing any pressure on your dog's head or neck. 

The elastic at the neck is generally 2-5cm more than the headIf you only use a snood pre showing use the same method but using a small dog treat rather than a whole meal.

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Sunrise Dog Snood

  • $12.50

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