The Koolie is a chamois neck tie, that it will reduce your body temperature and it stays cool for hours. You'll feel notability cooler wearing the Koolie and they are so comfortable you'll forget you've even wearing it. In five colours they're ideal for wearing at a dog show even in the ring ! amust have for dog groomers, gardening, out on the golf course or boat, running, cycling, hiking, etc... anywhere and anytime.

Koolies are also ideal for: 

  • Relieving  health symptoms where high temperatures can be a major problem, and kids don't mind wearing them, even great for those hot flashes
  • Helps reduce heat stress - and a great option if you work outside or in a non air-condition workplace 
  • Helps reduce fatigue keeping your mind and body ready to perform
  • One Size Fits All
  • To use simply immerse your Koolie in water, once it’s completely saturated, squeeze out the excess water, and its ready to cool you down. 


* If you are still in doubt about how effective these are, we even have a budget koolie so you can try them out.... they are exactly the same but don't have the bias finish


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Koolie's - the coolest scarf around !

  • $5.00

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