Make sure your show dog is wearing the latest in "glitz and glam" while keeping those long ears clean and tidy with a snood.

Quality satin snoods that keep your show dog’s ear in tip top condition from the time you finish preparing him until you hit the show ring!

Love'm or hate'm snoods are an essential part of your show dog gear, and the easiest way to keep your show dog's ear clean and tidy reducing grooming time on show day. They are also ideal for keeping your dog's ears up and out of the way while grooming, allowing you to easily work on the neck and shoulders, prevent chewing of the hair, stop grass seeds entering the ear canal.

They are generally worn by long haired dogs breed such as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Poodles, Setters, and Spaniels - go to a dog show and you'll see them everywhere. Sassy Snoods are available in lots of colours and a waterproof version and at times we also have the sNoodZ range available.Fabric's to suit both everyday wear, waterproof and show dog preparation. This range changes throughout the year as fabric becomes available and usually no more than 6 are available in any one colour & size.

Order online via NZShowDogs and supplied direct by Sassy Snoods or sNoodZ

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