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Purple Snuffle Mat

Purple Snuffle Mat
Purple Snuffle Mat
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Snuffle mats provide stimulation and enrichment to your dog by encouraging them to use their senses to sniff and snuffle through the puzzling layers to be rewarded by finding their food.
It's a fun brain game for cats and dogs enhancing their natural instincts – set up in seconds you simply drop the dry dog kibble or treats into the snuffle mat! These are excellent training tool for obedience dogs learning scent discrimination, simply add a few other odds and ends amongst the kibble and your dog will soon learn to discriminate.
Snuffle mats are great for all breeds of dogs and cats,you sprinkle your pets pets meal or treats over the mat....your pet uses his brain to sniff/ snuffle to find the food.
The mat slows down speedy eaters and makes them work for their food as a puzzle.
Great for pets on restricted physical exercise it helps calm down nervous animals too.
They can be hand washed and hung up to dry
The base mat is made from recycled tire rubber so its heavy enough not to move around when being used for snuffing
Size Range (approx):
Small 30x30cm
Medium 30x45cm
Large 40x45cm

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Dog Snuffle Mat, Sniff Snort and Search, Cognitive Treat Toy, Interactive, Mental Stimulation, Slow Eating, Scent Discrimination obedience trial training

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