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Happy Hounds

Happy Hounds

Snuffle mats what could be more fun and stimulating for your dog, Made In New Zealand

Dogs were bred for purpose, and although we have domesticated them they still have the innate sense of purpose particularly in the gundog and working type breeds. Dogs that don't have a "job "often become bored and some exhibit behaviours such as digging and barking to let you know they need more out of life. Snuffle mats provide an opportunity for your dog to use and enhance those inherent characteristics with the added benefit of slowing down eating in the process, much like a gobble bowl. Snuffle mats are an enrichment puzzle which provide dogs (and cats) with an opportunity to sniff and snuffle in search for hidden treats, using his senses. So your dog is now working for his food.

The snuffle mat consists of long fleece strips embed into a mat. The long strips are on top, providing multiple "layers" and hidden spaces for the treats or dry dog kibble to hide, its then up to your dog to find each one. 

Snuffle mats are great for dogs and cats, simple sprinkle your pets meal or treats over the mat and then ruffle the strips with your hand.... your pet now puts his brain into action and uses senses to sniff and snuffle out his food. 

The mat slows down speedy eaters and makes them work for their food as a puzzle. 

Great for pets on  restricted physical exercise it helps calm down nervous animals too.

Snuffle mats are suitable for all breeds and ages of cats and dogs. 

They can be hand washed and hung up to dry 

Of course you can make your own snuffle mats but most people find the never finish a DIY snuffle mat as they are very labour intensive. So check our our ready to send snuffle mats or choose your own colours and patterns and it will be delivered to your door for your dogs enjoyment. 

Treat your dog to a snuffle mat, he'd thank you for it if he could... but you'll see just how much he enjoys it !

Caroline's day are filled with happy hairy hounds! and there has never been a time in her life without a dog. Since emigrating from England she has worked with Guide Dogs New Zealand and currently runs a dog walking service in Auckland. 

She lives by the ideology that animals are a gift of unending and unconditional love and deserve to be treated with the utmost love and respect.

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