Tired of chasing your dog around the grooming table?  Use of a grooming loop will restrain your dog while being groomed, or in the dog bath. Helping to hold your dog's head steady enabling you to work more efficiently. 

One size fits all, slips on over the head and is adjusted for each dog’s size and comfort around the neck, by lowering the ring into position. The slide barrel is then lowered to prevent the loop from slipping back over the dog’s head the other end attaches to your grooming arm or groomers bath hook. 

Adjustable groomers loop for grooming table or bath restraint 

Standard Size: 50cm (20")

Nylon with Metal Dog Clip, Ring & Barrel  Slider

Safety Warning:  Never leave a dog unattended even for a second while being restrained with any type of groomer’s helper or loop. Never ever use a slip collar in place of a grooming loop as it will act like a noose! If your dog falls from the table the noose will tighten just like a hangman’s noose.  If your dog ever falls from the table while being restrained around the neck – the quickest way to release it is to cut through the grooming loop – and don’t hesitate your dog’s safety and is far more important than a $7.50 groomers loop.


Disclaimer: This is not professional advice but a layman’s description intended for your information only.

NZ Show Dogs accept no responsibility or liability associated with this product or description, and advises you to consult with a professional.

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Groomers Loop

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