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Mermaid Armband Clip

Mermaid Armband Clip
Mermaid Armband Clip
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The Mermaid armband combo has a detachable number clip, so you can change colours and designs as often as you’d like, or for a different option you can simple attach it straight to your coat or jacket. 

Use it as an armband or just the clip, it fastens to your clothes. 

Every competitor needs a dog show number holder and if you're looking for something simple and classy the Gilts Clip is it. 

All Glitz Clips are handmade, so there may be small variations from clip to clip. 

Options available:

  • 1 ring number clip (save $5)
  • 1 ring number clip with 1 adjustable armband
  • Variety Pack - 2 ring number clips (1 in each style i.e. reverse colours) 1 adjustable armband


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