• Aqua Blue & Aqua/Green Camo Dog Lead

Minimize unsightly coat break on your show dogs with the Easy Lead.

Easy Leads are designed to be robust for everyday use yet gentle on the coat of your show dogs. Easy Leads soften and stretch a little after first use,  giving a relatively smooth finish on the interwoven strands. This minimizes unsightly coat break on your show dogs. This lead in black, white or gold is a popular choice for large breed puppies as a first show lead and are made 1.2m long with a small ring for this purpose - Click Here to order as a show lead

Style: Slip Lead
Finished Lead Length:  1.6-7m (approx.)
Finished Diameter:  7mm (approx.)
Rings are 20mm Silver 

Now your whole team can match!  These are popular as prizes especially when done in club colours!

NB This is a hand made item and as such may have some imperfections, and even though we have taken actual product photos. the colour  may be slightly different from the colour which is shown due to individual computer settings.

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Aqua Blue & Aqua/Green Camo Dog Lead

  • $20.00

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