This vivid coloured rainbow dog snood made from hard wearing cotton for everyday use keeping those ears of of food and water buckets, but pretty enough for a show snood.

Snoods are ideal for long-eared dogs, keeping the ears tucked away and preventing injury e.g the basset hound. Dog snoods also keep your dog's hair or ears out of their food/water bowls when eating or drinking. 

2 types of snood:

  • Show Snoods - light weight or satin type fabric
  • Everyday Snoods- Still suitable for show days, these are a medium weight fabric e.g. cotton for harder wearing for everyday use.

All sNoodZ are have a reinforced elastic finish at the head and neck, the neck is generally 3-5 cm's wider than the head. The elastic is sewn in similar to a waist band and is unseen, the advantage is that the elastic will not twist or break. This is a permanent method and sNoodZ are not adjustable, check the size guide under 'specifications' before ordering.

Snoods are an essential part of your show dog kit, and the easiest way to keep your show dog's ear clean and tidy, stop ear chewing and reduce grooming time on show day. 

5 Sizes Based On Head Circumference taken just behind the ears (these are approx)

  • Xtra Small: 20cm un-stretched elastic e.g toy breeds, Maltese poodles
  • Small: 25cm un-stretched elastic e.g. Cavaliers
  • Medium: 30cm un-stretched elastic e.g Cocker Spaniels, Beagles
  • Large: 35cm un-stretched elastic e.g. Irish Setters, Lagotto Romagnolo, English Springer Spaniels
  • Xtra Large: 40cm un-stretched elastic e.g. Bassets, English  Setter, Golden Retriver, Gordon Setter, Rhodesian Ridgeback

So that your whole team can match, we offer a "show team discount" when ordering more than 3 sNoodZ.

 sNoodZ order online at NZShowDogs

Snood Size &
Wearing A Snood &

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Vivid Rainbow Cotton Dog Snood

  • Brand: sNoodZ
  • Model: SDZ-V/rb
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $10.00

  • 3 or more $9.50

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