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Dog Next Door

Dog Next Door

Our goal is to provide grooming, dog training and show equipment for any one and everyone, even the Dog Next Door and products are selected for quality and price.

Dog Grooming Supplies for the discerning owner who wants to keep their companion or performance dog in good condition whether you enjoy showing, obedience, agility scent work or just relaxing with your dog etc We offer a economical grooming range of products we've tried and tested. We stock a range of products for top Master Groomers down to product aimed at the pet owner who wants to take care of their dog at home between grooms.

Glitz Clip Armbands, come in a range of styles and we're also happy to custom make armbands for competitors who want a specific style, colour or design

Satin Show, Rain, or Winter Coats made at any size to fit your best friend. Dog Coats are made or order usually sent within 10 days. For The Show Dog : Silk and satin-lined show coats made to order. These coats keep show dogs in Best-in-show winning condition, keeping them shiny and static free all day long. For obedience Agility Scent Work Etc: Try our popular soft shell or shower proof for those rainy weekends.

Show leads - hand made braided Paracord or Leather show leads with a huge selection of beads to make your preferred style.

If you need order order by a specific date please let us know and we'll do our best!

Any enquiries about our products please get in touch.

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Essential Services - Overnight Courier
If you whelping equipment urgently during lockdown please let us know and we'll get it onto the next available courier
All other orders will be sent by NZ Post Courier (Non Contact Delivery).