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Miss Mousey Crinkle & Squeak

Miss Mousey Crinkle & Squeak
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Miss Mousey Crinkle & Squeak
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Miss Mousey crinkles and squeaks ! - What a delightful find for young puppies exploring the world, she'll have your puppies entertained for ages.  Providing puppies with interactive toys teaches them to occupy themselves when left alone, helping to reducing boredom and stress before their turn to destructive behaviours.

The corduroy material is eco-friendly and non-toxic, durable and wear-resistant and chewing helping keeps dogs teeth clean. When she needs a bath just throw her in the washing machine and she's ready for the next litter of puppies to come along. 

Cute Corduroy Miss Mousey

  • Plush Corduroy Dog Toy
  • Approx 18 x 9cm

Discounted by $1 (as some may be shop soiled - just a smudge of dust, that will brush off)

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