The continuous sprayer is a must have in your grooming tool box, once you've had one you wont go back!  These " new generation" spray bottles produce a continuous fine mist for even distribution of product onto the coat with a single pull of the trigger,saving on time and reducing fatigue for those that groom long hours. 

The spray trigger has a unique design with a well-sealed nozzle so it can even be used upside down, covering large areas quickly and evenly in any directions. 

Ergonomic shape makes it very comfortable to use.

The 300ml (approx 25cm high) is great for at home and the 150ml (approx 20cm high) perfect for your show grooming box

  • Color: Black or White
  • Size:
    • 150ml
    • 300ml


Make life easier with continuous spray functionality you won't regret it.

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Continuous Spray Bottle 150 & 300ml

  • $12.00

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