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Whelping Mats Type C

Whelping Mats Type C
Whelping Mats Type C
Whelping Mats Type C
Whelping Mats Type C
Whelping Mats Type C
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You can't go wrong investing in quality reusable whelping mats and they are better for the environment. Small amounts of liquid is absorbed and the surface dries quickly, so these are prefect for whelping box mats, puppy toilet training or sick and recuperating dogs.  As there is no edge piping so no liquid build up from flocking around the edges.  The quilted construction ensures it maintains its shape during washing (tested over 150 times at 90°C water) and the non-slip bottom layer keeps the mat in place. This whelp box mat is very similar to the EZ whelp mat

  • Colour: Chocolate Brown
  • Size: 80*90cm
  • Machine washable (p.s don't use fabric softener as this reduces the durability and water resistance)
Great for  puppies, and no more dealing with the mess of disposables throughout the day with this environmentally friendly option. Oh and the best part you save money in the long term!

Waterproof dog mats are also suitable for use in dog crates and playpens or show trolley mat and also reusable puppy pee pads, , incontinence, sick / diabetic dogs, protecting furniture and rugs from pet hair and dirt.

 The  4-layer quilted design: 

  • 1st layer: 100% brushed polyester
  • 2nd layer: 95%poly/5%rayon, 200gsm
  • 3rd layer: the waterproof layers is PU laminating
  • 4th layer: 100% brushed polyester 

We stock 3 types of whelping box mats - something for every dog breeder !

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