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Whelping Mats Type B

Whelping Mats Type B
Whelping Mats Type B
Whelping Mats Type B
Whelping Mats Type B
Whelping Mats Type B
Whelping Mats Type B
Whelping Mats Type B
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Soft, comfortable but waterproof and hard wearing whelping mat so mum and her litter of puppies will stay dry increasing the chances of maintaining their body heat in those first few days will see them off to a good start. This quilted construction of this whelping mat ensures it will maintains its shape litter after litter and wash after wash, 150 washes and still going strong!. These are the dog breeders whelping mats to have if you want quality and durability for your litter of puppies. 

  1. Top layer: Top 100% brushed polyester,
  2. Inner layer: 95% poly/5% rayon, 200gsm
  3. Barrier layer:: Non Toxic medically grade vinyl 
  • Size: 80*90cm
  • Machine washable (Don't use fabric softener as this reduces the durability and water resistance)

Get rid of dirty, wet smelly newspaper and invest in a few whelping mats for your litter box, you wont regret it. Whelping mats have a duel purpose. Use it on its own or under dry bed to absorb fluids, and it provides insulation from cold or draftee floors.  Keeping the whelping area clean for puppies is a chore but you can make life a little simpler by using whelping / puppy mat to prevent soak. This also means that puppies will have a secure footing, while learning to walk. Ideal for using under dry bed when raising a litter . 

These waterproof dog mats are also suitable to protect your furniture or car seats or as a dog crate or show trolley mat and also suitable as for reusable puppy pee pad or for sick pets.

Save money  with this environmentally friendly option over disposable pads, but also enjoy cleaning up less often throughout the day! 

We stock 3 types of whelping box mats - something for every dog breeder !

Whelping Due Date Calculator

Want to know when your puppies are due?
Enter the mating date and the estimated whelping due date will be calculated, based on the standard 63 day gestation period

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If you're interested in canine fetal develop check out our Dog Breeding Information for our gestational development diary.

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