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Sponge Feeding Wedges 5pk

Sponge Feeding Wedges 5pk
Sponge Feeding Wedges 5pk
Sponge Feeding Wedges 5pk
Sponge Feeding Wedges 5pk
Sponge Feeding Wedges 5pk
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Wedge shape sponges for puppies, kittens and other baby mammals that are to weak to nurse on their own, the dam doesn't have enough milk or siblings are pushing smaller ones away. No matter the reason, a breeders thoughtful invention can have a major impact on puppies and the sooner action is taken the better.

The wedges are a great size, shape, and density to help a puppy or kitten imitate the sucking action and milk reward as they would from its mother. The benefits of sponge feeding is you are able to measure how much formula the puppy or kitten is getting. It takes less time and minimises the risk of aspiration that can occur when bottle feeding. It's a good alternative for breeders who prefer not to supplement via tube feeding.

Wedge shape sponge for puppy feeding come in a mixed colour pack of 5.

  • Size: 4cm approx
  • Hydrophilic (holds water)
  • Non latex material
  • Easy to clean
  • * Produced for the cosmetics industry, we advise you to clean the sponge wedges before use 
  • * You'll also need a syringe if using the puppy supplement feeding method below.

You may need to trim the end of the puppy feeding sponge to make it "nipple size" according to your breed. (The tip is inserted at the back of the puppies mouth to trigger the suck reflect)

Wash the sponge clean of milk residue after each supplement feeding, and allow them to air dry. The sponge will expand when wet, but will return to original size when dry.

Use different sponges for each puppy to avoid any cross contamination

One Dog Breeders Sponge Feeding Method

  • Assemble your equipment first: Clean syringe, Sponge cut to size and Milk replacement formula ready.
  • Always feed you puppy in an almost upright position, Most are small enough to lay on its belly across the palm of your hand. Never feed a puppy laying on its back as milk can easily flow into the airways.
    1. Fill your syringe with milk .
    2. Dip the tip of the sponge into the milk.
    3. Open the puppy's mouth and place the tip of the sponge deep towards the back, once they close their mouth most will automatically suck. its now up to you to hold that sponge firmly so its not swallowed and keep topping up the milk supply in the sponge using the syringe
  • Let the puppy sucks at its own pace to strengthening the natural suckling reflex.

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