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Latex & Nitrile Gloves (10pk)

Latex & Nitrile Gloves  (10pk)
Latex & Nitrile Gloves  (10pk)
Latex & Nitrile Gloves  (10pk)
Latex & Nitrile Gloves  (10pk)
Latex & Nitrile Gloves (10pk)
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Single Use Gloves 10 pack (5 pairs).  Handy for your dog breeders mating and whelping kit Latex, Nitrile & Vinyl  gloves available.

In general a latex glove is the best practicable option for mating and whelping with dogs. Latex is a natural rubber fiber, and a popular choice in medical fields, due to its comfort and dexterity over other gloves.

  • Supple, strong elasticity
  • Biodegradable
  • Cost-effective
  • Fit like a second skin
  • High level of touch sensitivity
  • Can be worn for an extended periods of time
  • Aid protection in high-risk situations 
  • Easily put on

Nitrile (latex free glove)  For those who have latex allergies

Nitrile gloves are often blue to help differentiate them as a non-latex glove. Choose "Nitrile Gloves" under the options.

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