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Ovulation Detector

Ovulation Detector
Ovulation Detector
Ovulation Detector
Ovulation Detector
Ovulation Detector
Ovulation Detector
Ovulation Detector
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Wondering when to mate your girls, and want to save on progesterone testing ? The  Ovulation Detector helps dog breeders identify the right time to mate dogs. The best stud master have experience that helps them identify the timing but even then there is room for error. Especially when servicing a dog from another kennel, and  you don't have all the knowledges of the heat cycles and transition times.

Widely used in European Countries , and now available in NZ

  • Detecting the Best and Optimal Time for Mating
  • Eliminate the time and worry of unnecessary repeat mating's
  • Identify and monitor silent or split heat cycles.
  • Save  cost and inconvenience of progesterone testing - especially if you lives somewhere , where results aren't available until the following day !

How They Work: 

In search of a simple ovulation detection method, scientists together with breeders determined a direct relationship between changes in the electrical resistance of cervical mucus and the occurrence of ovulation. It has been proven that the closer to ovulation, the greater the changes in the electrical resistance of mucus.

Instructions are included but here's a quick overview: The probe is inserted into the female, where  the electrodes on the tip make contact with mucus near the entrance of the cervix . The result is obtained after completing the measurement cycle.


Display : 2.6 Inch LCD Sn

Detecting Speed: within 3s

Detecting Range: 10-1990 units

Working Temperature: 0-50 Celsius

Max. Humidity: 85%

Power by:1 * 9V battery (not included)

colour: black

Storage box 

Whelping Due Date Calculator

Want to know when your puppies are due?
Enter the mating date and the estimated whelping due date will be calculated, based on the standard 63 day gestation period

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Estimated Whelping Date:

If you're interested in canine fetal develop check out our Dog Breeding Information for our gestational development diary.

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