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Bark Collars - USB Rechargeable

Bark Collars - USB Rechargeable
Bark Collars - USB Rechargeable
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Smart dog training collars deter barking through 7 levels of sound and vibration sensitivity, increasing in intensity the longer a dog barks. USB charging means no more expensive batteries !

  • 7 adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Sound & Vibration only 
  • Humane behaviour modification aid to assist in training your dog to bark less.
  • Comfortable design with adjustable collar
  • Waterproof so your dog can wear it even out in rain.
  • USB Rechargeable easily charged with the USB cable.  is convenient for charging.

Stops most dog barking effectively and humanely. Each dog's reaction to the collar will depend on usage of the collar and the dogs temperament. A smart bark collar helps communicate to your dog when its not okay to bark. Some dogs will learn quickly and may not need to wear the collar long term. Other dogs need to wear the collar long term to control persistent barking. 


Material: ASB Plastic + Nylon Webbing Collar

Size: 6.7 x 4 x 3cm

Battery: Built-in 300MA lithium battery 

Charging method: USB charging 

Adjustable Collars Size : 6 - 36cm 

Voltage: 5V

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