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Armbands etc

Other than your dog and a lead the other requirement when dog showing is a number holder. These come in lots of varieties and we all have our personal preferences, so we've put together a seléction of choices for you to choose the ones thats just right for you. A range varying from traditional dog show elasticated armband number holder to the fancy ring clips, We have the number holder, armband, ring clips, show Pockets & bait bag for you.

Whether you're looking for something special such as Glambands adjustable armband with interchangeable front pockets, or armbaNdZ plain or not so plain dog show armband we’re sure to have something to suit you the next time your out dog showing. And of course both brands are made in New Zealand by fellow dog show exhibitors, tradition pocket style armbands come with back pockets for your bait, comb, poop bags etc that's handy !  3/4 sizes are also available - a great option for child & junior handlers.

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