Custom made 2 in 1 (sometimes called an all in one) style braided show dog leads. Choose the length of the lead and choke collar to suit your dog. Add optional bead cluster sets and let us know the colours you like and we’ll make up a couple of sets and send photos for you to choose from.

These are ideal if you like the versatility of para-cord but prefer a little more thickness in your lead.
Handcrafted from quality 3mm paracord they are braided and spliced.

The value of these leads means you can have multiple leads without breaking the budget and for the fashion conscious that means you can match them to your outfit!

Style: 2 in 1 Dog Show Lead

  • Standard Colours: Black White Silver/Grey Soft Gold & Chocolate
  • Finished Lead Length - Your choice
  • Finished Choke Collar Length (Rings not included) - Your choice
  • Finished diameter approx. 6mm (approx.)
  • Rings are 10-12mm metal (silver, gold or brass)
  • Collar section can be double thickness which is ideal for puppies or sensitive dogs
  • Optional bead cluster set

This is the Custom Made Order Option: Show dog leads are made to order and usually dispatched within 7 days.

If you need it asap please let us know or check the pre made leads currently available

Standard slip leads are 4ft or 1.20cm long


 Photos show sample of leads, colour and patterns

NB This is a hand made item and as such may have some imperfections, ctual product photos are taken, but colours may be slightly different due to individual computer settings.

Leather Leads
  • Plain = 4 stands all the same colour.
  • Stripe = 2 colours Braided in Vertical stripes.
  • Twist 2 colours braided in a Twist or Spiral.
  • Diamond = 3 stands 1 colour 4th strand contrast colour
  • Ring - for slip leads
  • Loop - Attached straight to your snake or choke chain or use as a slip lead
  • Clip - for leads only

There is an additional cost involved for the beads and the working approx $5 if you want to add bling. Just contact us 

  • 1 Bling Custer: Minimum of 1 Feature Bead 2 coloured beads and 2 Spacer Beads.
  • 1/2 Bling: 2 or 3 coloured and or Spacer Beads.

As bling is a personal touch its best to let me know what colours you like and I can make up some sets for you to choose from. (I only keep a limited range of low cost beads) I'm also happy for you to supply your own beads - please ensure they a 5mm center hole

Show Lead Types

Lead Time show leads are available as:

  • Slip Leads
  • Martingale Leads
  • Clip Leads
  • All in One (2 in 1) Lead and attached choke collar

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2 In 1 Dog Show Lead: Custom Made Choices

  • $35.00

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