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This month we've chosen our feature products based upon the weather and all I can say is "rain rain go away......" Rainy Days are a dilemma for show dog owners who want to allow their dogs some freedom but keep them in show condition. But spare a thought for your dog and the real reasons they don’t like the rain…. it’s nothing to do with getting wet. Dogs have more sensitive ears and hearing than people. For them the sound of rain is amplified making it harder to distinguish other possibly threatening sounds. Dogs are more affected by the changes in barometric pressure than us and this can be uncomfortable… like we go to up a hill and need to ”pop” our ears to clear the pressure. There are also thoughts that moisture intensifies smells and making dogs more cautious about what’s out in the backyard. So this month we’re featuring some products that may just help you keep your sanity during this rainy season. From satin lined Raincoats to cope with the rain when your dog must go out to Snuffle Mats to keep them stimulated when they must stay in.

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