We are sisters who enjoy sewing and dogs ! so we've combined the 2 and make practical items for show dogs. But we're usually too busy with our dogs, families and other things for all the fluffing around so we leave that to NZShowDogs and it depends on the time of year as to which sister has time to sew and what they make we each have our own favourites so stock is often changing ! 

"Sisters" products are manged by NZ Show Dogs including Snoods, Armbands, Pee Vests & Leggings

Embossed Leaf Dog Snood
Rain Clouds Dog Snood
Jungle Dog Snood
Kiss Dog Snood
Red & Black Dog Snood
Blue Paisley Dog Snood
Burgundy Crinkle Dog Snood
Snowflake Dog Snood
Armbands - Koru Trim
Armbands - Gold Trims
Armbands - Scroll Trim
Armbands - Misc Trims
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Welcome To NZ Show Dogs

Where you can order direct form the maker or official NZ agent for dog showing products often only available at shows

We have a number of new vendors on board and will be increasing the range of products and vendors over the next few months. 
Each of our vendors provide goods and services directly to you. All our vendors are local show people who supplement their own show & breeding costs by sharing prodcuts that they make. NZShowDogs simply showcases quality products for you to order online. Most vendors handle everything from start to finish but we also have a few that NZSDs handles everything on behalf of.


Look for the Icons

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Handmade products

Handmade items have this icon on the page and means you understand:   

You are purchasing a hand made item and as such may have some minor imperfections, that will not effect use of the product. That even though we take actual product photos the colour may be slightly different from the colour which is shown due to individual computer settings.

New Zealand Show Dog is an online vendor mall to showcase local suppliers where you can purchase directly from the maker or NZ agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you purchase multiple items from different vendors at the same time, your shipping total will calculate this for you, and will include each sellers individual shipping costs, so you know what you are paying for.

There are separate urban and rural delivery costs for you to choose from. (as at 1/6/2018 NZ Post introduced a Rural Delivery fee on all mail/parcels)

World Wide Shipping is available for most products, other than Panagenics and Mars which has official agents in each country.

We do our best to calculate international shipping, however if its is significantly different from that calculated at check out we will contact you.

You can pay either directly into NZSD bank account or use your credit card online. To ensure all credit card transaction are secure we use the merchant services of PayPal (you do not need a paypal account)

NZ Show Dogs is still in the developmental stage and things change often. As frustrating as it is, occasionally things don't work ! The most obvious thing for you may be a duplicate email being received some time after your purchase, in most cases simply ignore it. The system is set up to automatically generate these, and sometimes even when we turn it off - a few still slip thru....please accept our apology.

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