• Mars Stainless Steel Tooth Scaler for Dogs and Cats

Professional / Surgical-grade pet tooth scaler and tarter remover. Made of solid stainless steel material with easy grip handle to remove harmful tartar accumulation  from your dogs teeth. This is a Genuine Mars High Quality Stainless Steel Tooth Scaler from Alcoso. The head slopes from one side to enable better contact and ease of use.

  • Right: 99M-105 
  • Left: 99M-106 
  • Double headed: 99M-110
  • Surgical Grade stainless steel
  • Non-slip knurled handles ensure accuracy and comfort
  • Professional grade pet grooming tool
  • Comfortable smooth finish 
  • Engineered & manufactured by Alcoso in Germany

Tip:    Take your time and go slowly even if you only do one tooth at time, it will save you money in the long run


Buy with confidence from the official NZ agent of the Mars range of grooming equipment since 2003 and you get 12 months guarantee

Mars Product Codes

What the Mars numbers mean:



blade spacing        

number of blades       

4 = Mini

08 = 0,8mm

6 = 6.

5 = wood

15 = 1,5mm

8 = 8.

6 = Horse

25 = 2,5mm

10 = 10.

7 = double wide

35 = 2,5mm

12 = 12.

8 = PVC

35 = 3,5mm

16 = 16.

9 = Home

5 = 5mm

20 = 20.

26 = 26.

30 = 30.

60 = 60.

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Mars Stainless Steel Tooth Scaler for Dogs and Cats

  • $29.00

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