Suitable for medium to large breed dogs to identify puppies from birth to 8 weeks old in each litter with colorful lightweight wrap-around style ID collars. Durable nylon collars , 12 colors of adjustable wrap-around tabs for a secure fit

  • Adjustable Puppy ID Collars. 
  • 12 different coloured collars in a set
  • Easy fit and adjustable as puppies grow.
  • Soft,  self-adhering Velcro
  • Reusable, colour fast and washable  

Puppy ID Collar Sizes Available:

  • Small - 20cm
  • Medium - 30cm
  • Large - 40cm
  • Xtra Large - 50cm

Be sure to leave room for under the collar, so its not to tight and check the fit daily, simple adjust as the puppy grows. 

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Puppy Collars - Velcro ID Bands - ALL SIZES

  • $12.00

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