Custom design your own unique kangaroo leather show lead - choose from a wide selection of patterns and colours and Jo will make it for you !

Leather show dog leads are ideal for dog showing, handcrafted from 4 strands of high quality braided genuine kangaroo leather they become supple - soft but soft in your hand, Braided and spliced, we do not use any glue in our leads.

Style: Clip Lead

  • Finished Length Lead 1m  or 1.2m(approx.)
  • Finished diameter approx. 4mm (approx.)
  • Clips are Silver or Gold made from Nickel, Zinc Alloy metal
  • Core: 100kg+ breaking strain

Choose your own pattern and colours and length to suit

Delivery: Leads With Love leather show dog leads are custom made to order and usually delivered within 10 days by Jo at Leads With Love

N.B. Occasionally some colours aren't available - Jo will contact you if this is the case

If a colour is currently out of stock Jo will contact you with an alternative colour option, as you can see from the leather samples below some colours are very similar.             

Leather Leads
  • Genuine quality kangaroo leather leads
  • 4 strands of leather
  • Leather show leads come in all the colours of the rainbow.
  • Plain = 4 stands all the same colour.
  • Stripe = 2 colours Braided in Vertical stripes.
  • Twist 2 colours braided in a Twist or Spiral.
  • Diamond = 3 stands 1 colour 4th strand different colour
  • Harlequin = 4 strands 4 different colours
  • Loop - Attached straight to your snake or choke chain or use as a slip lead
  • Clip - for leads only

There is an additional cost involved for the beads and the working approx $5 if you want to add bling. 

  • 1 Bling Custer: Minimum of 1 Feature Bead 2 coloured beads and 2 Spacer Beads.

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Custom Design A Kangaroo Leather Clip Lead

  • $68.00

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